Invest in Nature

Plant Trees. Reduce CO2. Grow the future.

Earthshot — The first investing platform for natural climate solutions.

Led by our world-class investment team, Earthshot enables you to help solve the climate crisis while earning high-impact returns.

Investing with Earthshot

When you invest, your capital funds reforestation and nature restoration projects.

Remove CO2
As those projects sequester carbon, they generate high-quality carbon credits.

Earthshot sells credits to companies like Microsoft, Stripe, and Amazon — and you earn returns.

With the price of carbon at
per metric ton, you earn a 5.8% annual return.

Investment Amount



Tonnes CO2 Drawdown


Trees, Bamboo & Mangroves

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The Challenge of the Century

Our ecological crisis is complex, and it can feel overwhelming when you don't know how to contribute.

We started Earthshot to make it simple.

Take care of your portfolio, while catalyzing the most impactful nature-based projects.

And help stand up to the environmental crisis.


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