Investing with Earthshot

How It Works

Earthshot Carbon Fund

How it Works

You invest through the Earthshot platform into the Earthshot Carbon Fund, a curated global portfolio of natural carbon drawdown projects. Earthshot plants native trees and bamboo on land owned by our local implementation partners in the US and globally, and sells carbon removal credits to industry partners. You benefit from a high investment yield plus a share in the profit upside based on the price of carbon.


Reforestation hasn’t historically been profitable, except when the forest gets cut down. At Earthshot, we believe that communities should make money from planting and keeping the forests healthy, and investors need a return on their capital to scale globally. Carbon markets are finally mature enough to support large-scale reforestation and ecological regeneration without sacrificing financial returns.


Earthshot plants native forest and giant bamboo to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere. Our bamboo grows so quickly that it can deliver positive ROI within three years, and the immense carbon storage capacity of native forest ensures biodiversity and long-term returns. Indigenous communities and farmers own and harvest any agroforestry products for long-term economic and ecological sustainability while Earthshot handles the complex carbon offset verification process

Project Detail

The Earthshot Carbon Fund invests in carbon development projects globally. We employ a blended approach of biodiverse native reforestation, bamboo agroforestry, mangrove restoration, and regenerative timber to maximize ecological and social benefit while ensuring a positive return of investment.

Bamboo Agroforestry

Bamboo grows 10x faster than trees, and regenerates completely within 18 months from harvest. It is a truly regenerative building material: the more we build, the better the climate.

Location: South Florida

Project Size: 20,000 Acres

Species - Dendrocalamus asper and Dedrocalamus giganteus

Location: Mindanao, Philippines

Project Size: 8,650 Acres

Species - Dendrocalamus asper

Native Reforestation

It is one of our most profound longings for humanity to be in contact with ancient forest ecosystems. Each of our projects incorporates a minimum 1-to-1 ratio of permanent biodiverse forest that will grow to full ecosystem maturity.

Location: Mindanao, Philippines

(Coming Soon)

Project Size: 3,000+ Acres

Species: Diverse Native Hardwoods

Mangrove Restoration

Mangroves are incredible. They sequester 4x more carbon than rainforests, buffer cities from natural disasters, and provide critical marine habitat.

Location: Madagascar

(Coming Soon)

Project Size: 12,000 Acres

Species - Rhizophora mucronata, Bruguiera gymnorhiza, Avicennia marina, Sonneratia alba, Lumnitzera racemosa

Investment Detail

Summary: 4% Interest Loan + 20% Profit Share

The investment is a loan, plus a profit share of any carbon offset revenue we derive during your investment holding period. You can cash out any time after the first year to give you financial freedom while still allowing time for each project to mature and become profitable.

With the price of carbon at
per metric ton, you earn a 5.8% annual return.

Investment Amount



Tonnes CO2 Drawdown


Trees, Bamboo & Mangroves

At Earthshot, we belive that reforestation, agroforestry, and ecosystem restoration is the top priority for climate crisis intervention. It’s more than just CO2 sequestration: it a holistic approach to economic and ecological justice worldwide.